Carnegie Club Battles the LaRosa Club in Two Hockey Games for the Ages!!!

IMG_1866We would like to thanks our club friends from the LaRosa Boys & Girls Club for hosting the 1st annual Boys & Girls Club Hockey Tournament.

LaRosa hosted this year hockey tournament in their semi-outdoor hockey rink for our 11-13 year old Hockey team in a three team Round Robin Tournament, between the Carnegie, Estelle Campbell, and LaRosa Clubs.

The weather was cold but all three teams were on fire when they hit the rink.

For the Carnegie Club our first was against the LaRosa Club. It was a hard fought battle all the way to the end, and end at regulation with the score 7-7. The game continue with a five minute overtime, were LaRosa was able to capitalize in the overtime winning 8-7.

The second game for Carnegie was also a close match with the Estelle Campbell, but the Carnegie Club was able to pull off the victory with a 6-3 win over Estelle Campbell.

The third and finally game of the day was a rematch between Carnegie and LaRosa.  At the end of the first period the score was 1-1. (Also we only play two 15 minute periods) Back to the game, early in the beginning of the second Carnegie was able to get a two goal lead on LaRosa making the score 3-2.  But LaRosa wouldn’t just give up that easy. They can storming back with force and would score three goals making the score 4-3.  With just 3 minutes left in the game Carnegie battle to tie the score, and with 45 seconds left in the game Carnegie was able to tie it up making it 4-4.  So we head into overtime, and after 5 minutes of overtime no one scoring we headed into a SHOOT OUT!!!

Shootout time perfect way to end a great game. LaRosa would go first missing their first shot.  Carnegie would make their fist shot making the score 1-0 Carnegie.  LaRosa second man would miss his shoot as well, 1-0.  Carnegie second man would and make the game winning goal ending the shootout 2-0. Making the final score 5-4 Carnegie.

Overall the Carnegie kids had a past and we once again want to thank the folks from LaRosa for hosting us and putting on a great show.  We hope that if we can that we can invite the LaRosa team to the Carnegie Club for a third and finally showdown between these two great teams.

Here are photos of the teams:









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