Flag Football Championship!!! Saturday 11/2/13 UPMC

This Saturday on 11/2/13 six teams from our three division will battle it out at the indoor faculty at UPMC to see who will be this year 2013 Flag Football Champions. Reminder Parent the player must wear shoes NO SPIKES!!! other wise they will not be able to play. 🙁

Flag Football Playoffs 2013

For the 6-7-8 division:

You have the Cowboys (White) v.s. Chiefs (Red)

For the 9-10-11 division:

You have the Vikings (White) v.s. Saints (Black)

For 12-15 division:

You have the Bears (Black) v.s. Rams (Blue)

Good Luck to all teams and have fun playing were the Steelers and Pitt Player get to practice. Maybe a couple of them will be their to sign autographs 😉

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