After School Program

Our After School Program is Monday thru Friday from 3pm till 6pm in the afternoon.  We organize the kids by age so that they are able to socialize with the classmate they would have in school.  Once everyone is inside the building we rotate them among the three activity areas around 3:30: Gym, Downstairs Computer Lab, and Game Room. We rotate the kids every half an hour, and the last hour 5-6 is “free time” to allow the kids to go to any activity area they want.

Before they are able to go into the activity area assign we make sure that all homework is completed before the student is able to go to the assign room.

We do have tutor in our Homework Room and we do run a Program called Power Hour.

Power Hour is when your child comes in and does an hour of homework each day.  If they do well and get their work do they get points.  Over time they can cash in these points for cool prizes that we set aside just for Power Hour. Example: Remote control car, board games, lava lamps, etc.

So there a lot to do during our After School Program, so come on down and check it.  All you need is to be a Member and you’re all set to go!!!


Membership cost $20 a months, unless you have more than child attending the after school.  Then it drops to $15 a months per child.

Membership Form – Carnegie

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